28 October 2009

A Math Degree

I ran across an article today about careers that make money due to a math background. I found the topic interesting figuring I have a degree in Mathematics. You can click HERE to check it out for yourself.

One thing they don't talk about at all in the article is how the achievement of a Mathematics degree really teaches one how to think. I probably wouldn't get an advanced calculus or abstract algebra proof near correct if I had to right now, but I sure do approach challenges at work methodically from start to finish.

The article lists 10 money making paths, but they fail to mention that your analytical skills can be applied to various career tracks. If you can make it through 4 years of 3000 and 4000 level math classes you'll definitely come out on top of the pile as far as analyzing problems and coming up with optimal solutions in the workplace.

22 October 2009

The Ultimate Gift

The Ultimate Gift would be South Beach Wine & Food Festival Burger Bash Tickets. Every year the ticket price goes up and the amount of time they sell out in goes down.

This year's general admission is $200. Check out the actual web site yourself for some good burger pics. It appears that they have changed up the competition this year from popular burger joints to top chefs.

I'm trying to save up for my wedding next year so I'll be passing it up again.


I'm headed to Starkville, Mississippi tomorrow to attend the SEC football game this weekend with Florida at Mississippi State. I am really excited to meet up with 5 of my good friends for this road trip and to experience my 6th SEC stadium.

I have already started scouting out burger joints and it looks like Mugshots is on the top of my list.

13 October 2009

The Sweet Daddy @ Genny's Diner in Louisville

Today I accomplished a new feat. Something that I thought was previously not able to be accomplished by my slim 173 pound soaking wet body. I finished an entire Sweet Daddy at Genny's Diner.

Genny's is one of those places that I have said I wanted to go for some time, but previously had not gotten around to it. It is an old school local establishment on Frankfurt Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky. The truth is that I was always unsure of my ability to conquer the burger feast I encountered today so I put off the trip. I made the lunch appointment with a great guy from my work site in Louisville a few weeks back as I know he enjoys burger joints, would potentially cheer me on, and not let me leave there without achieving the goal. Everything worked out and I would probably not have made it to the finish line without him.

This is how it went down...

I looked up the menu this morning to remind myself of what sweetness I was in for. Genny's menu declares that the Sweet Daddy weighs in at 1 1/4 pounds topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and mayo. Cheese is $2.50 extra. I'll come back to the weight of the meat shortly.

We arrived, parked right in front, and snapped a few pics. My colleague encouraged me to get crazy with the pics as he knew what I was in for. We entered, as we learned throughout our dining experience, through the wrong door. I say this because we sat next to the correct entrance and they had one of those super annoying Halloween witch noise makers and it went off for every patron entering the diner. The place was empty when we went in and I asked the young waitress if we could sit wherever we wanted trying to make light of the emptiness.

At certain points in time this place was apparently hopping but was shut down recently due to a fire next door - which is another story. And they no longer serve alcohol, hence, why I dropped the 'Pub' from the name. But, it is obviously back open now. We got our menus, I ordered a lemonade and he ordered a cream soda. We glanced over the menus while waiting for our beverages. Since my order was predetermined - I momentarily tried backing out but circled back rather quickly - he selected the medium 10 oz. burger combo with fries. I ordered the Sweet Daddy solo because I knew I had some work ahead of me and I really don't like fries all that much anyway.

When my monstrosity arrived with a long bamboo skewer spiked down the center I knew it was going to be tough. Seeing pictures online are one thing, but this meat pile was something else. I still think if his was 10 oz, then mine was 30 instead of the advertised 20. The Sweet Daddy comes with 3 burgers stacked with condiments on the top and bottom and a soft bun anchoring it's position. You really need 3 or four hands to work this food for 4. I stuck to my routine and stabbed it with my knife to cut it in half. I added nothing outside of what it came with. I ordered it medium expecting medium to medium-well. My fancy is always medium-rare, but I didn't want to take any chances getting sick while gorging myself. It came out medium-well as expected.

I came out of the gate strong and ate nearly all of the first half with the exception of some lettuce and tomatoes that slipped onto my plate. It was a true challenge to maneuver this beast. I could hold and squeeze it no problem, but fitting it into my mouth was not possible by any means. I worked the stack well without much going anywhere other than my plate or mouth.

The second half came naturally as well. I was feeling good. I eat a lot of cheeseburgers and a lot of food in general. I tried to keep a good pace on the rest but slowed near the end. I cut the remaining second half into a half of it's own and worked most of it with a fork. When I got down to the last piece of patty I debated over and over if I should throw in the towel fearing to be sick at work later. With solid encouragement I ate every last bit of meat. After breaking through and finishing the mission at hand, I continued on with some of the lettuce and tomato scraps since I was in zone. I hate wasting food. I always tease my fiance with: "That (insert animal name) died for you." Most of the time I mean it, I really don't like wasting food.

The moral of the story is that I ate a whole Genny's Diner Sweet Daddy buger. I wouldn't rate the burger on my top ten list, but the experience is one that I will always recall. I don't know if I'll make it back because I already ate enough for three trips and I really believe I had well over 20 ounces of meat. I hope you enjoy the pictures I posted throughout.

Click HERE if you want to see the whole slideshow.

12 October 2009

Delayed in ATL

Here is a snapshot from my morning spent in the Atlanta Airport (ATL).

The rainy weather created a challenging Monday morning travel scenario. Circling around in a holding pattern in order to get in line to land, delayed flights, cancellations, etc... When asked, the gate agent for my connection she said that I missed the door closing by about 4 minutes. I already missed the original departure time and wasn't sure if the time of the monitors was accurate so I didn't bother running. The last time I ran in an airport with my carry-on, laptop bag, and suit I thought I was going to die and it turned out I had about 15 minutes more because there were 10's of people that were late as well. I vowed from then on not to run anymore. I don't think even if I did run today that I would have made it. I walk so fast and I really didn't lose any time through my concourse journey. We'll, I'm off to Louisville for work...
(written at 12:00 pm ET)

05 October 2009


It's not always about how fast you solve the problem. Many times it's more important how you apply lessons learned to find the best solution.

Thank you Thinkertoys.