17 March 2010

Uptown Cafe

I have been so busy lately with Wedding planning, traveling, and work... sorry for the short story but not so sorry as it doesn't really deserve a rave review.

I went to Uptown Cafe a few months back and had a great meal. This time was a bit different.

I went in hoping to order a burger, get in, and get out. This didn't happen. I started with some fried oysters and then got to wait a while for my burger. Let me just keep it simple by saying bland, bland, bland.

This cheeseburger desperately needed some spice or at least some salt and pepper. I'm think the cooks in the back forgot to add something in the meat. The picture was taken with my iPhone in the dark. Good pickle presentation.

Overall, an editable meal that took forever at a fair price. I'd probably give Uptown another try with a burger because my gut tells me that this was just a fluke.