24 July 2011

Burger Birthday Cake

Check out this fantastic burger cake I was given for my birthday!  A double cheeseburger  and poppy seed bun made of cake accompanied with lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles, mustard, ketchup, and potato chips made of icing and fondant.

It was completely edible and created by Sabrina of Tutto Dolce.

Tutto Dolce

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Bikes, bikes and more bikes - Europe Summer 2011

Pictures of bicycles in Brussels, Amsterdam and London.

A high wheel on display outside of a restaurant in Brussels.

Bikes locked all along a canal bridge in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam.  Bikers zipping by on each one-way street, rain or shine.  And bike racks always filled everywhere with bikes.

A small Amsterdam street looking at a building wall full of vines with bike after bike locked up along side.

More bikes locked to another canal bridge in Amsterdam.

Another Amsterdam bridge with the same great scene, just different bikes.

Dam Square, Amsterdam.  Pedestrians, tourists, locals, pigeons, and of course, bikes.

This VANMOOF brand of bike was interesting that I saw a few times while in Amsterdam.  The top tube of the frame appear to have open ends with what appeared to be light fixtures.

Another pile of locked up bikes outside of a string of restaurants in Amsterdam.

A regular site, but one that I wasn't prepared for while trolling the streets of Amsterdam:  One bike, two passengers.  One driving and one sitting side saddle on the back.

A bike lane in London.

What appeared to be a bike lane warning in London.

(Pictures taken by me summer 2011)