24 November 2008

Strange animals and plants..

Web Urbanist continues to entice me. I have them bookmarked but try my best not to surf there as I could spend hours. Check out the pictures here from this recent article they posted: 100+ of the World's Weirdest Plants and Animals.

12 November 2008

College Football Playoff...Never

This podcast with Herbstreit and Mike & Mike really sums it up. I like to blame the Rose Bowl scenario... i.e. PAC10 and SmallTen. Really good listening.

And the comments about the bathrooms are right on. What's up with that...Wash your hands.

Definitely dated if you are checking out this post in the future: week ending 14 November 2008

Click HERE to listen.

10 November 2008

The Electoral College

Even though the recent election didn't work out the same as how I cast my vote, it still worked out for me. As I said to one of my good friends months back, "Whoever wins, I'll be happy."

The crazy thing was watching the popular vote on Tuesday night. Yes, I know that the president gets elected by the electoral vote. But when are they going to do away with this electoral system? What is it going to take for us to modify this 18th century policy? And if they are going to keep this antiquated system in place, they should at least have to wait for the popular vote to be final before declaring each state's electoral votes.

This latest election visibly displayed that the variation of the electoral vote and popular vote is definitely possible.