29 November 2010


Is it weird that I want a unicycle and a tandem bike for two? I love my cruiser and have been thinking about getting my wife and I a tandem someday. But we are just going to have wait until when have a garage. But more recently, my desire to have a new ride has been trumped by my new curiosity with unicycles.

I'm hoping Santa reads my blog.

13 November 2010

Football trips 2010, Alabama & Michigan

I can already say that I have attended two football games at renowned stadiums even though the NCAA football year is many weeks from over.  This year I was able to go to Florida at Alabama in Tuscaloosa, AL and Illinois at Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI.  Both were awesome adventures to log into my sporting venues journey.

The first game I went to this year was the SEC matchup of the Gators and the Tide.  This trip was the 5th for my annual away game crew and the 7th SEC stadium I have been to for a game.  Florida got whooped.  The final score was 31 - 6 and as far as I was concerned the game ended when we failed to convert for points from within the ten yard line on our first drive .  I do have to mention that the tailgaiting experience was the best I have witnessed yet.  I thought Ole Miss was going to be tough to beat, but the Quad did it.  I am going to leave that a bit open and not compare it to Florida, but there were several great things to talk about.

Below are some pictures from our weekend in Alabama.  I recall that this stadium holds 101,000+.  Don't quote me and feel free to comment the exact amount at this game or what the stadium holds.

Driving by the front of Bryant-Denny Stadium

Inside looking down from our near top row visitor section seats - at the band.

Again, looking way down.

One of the popular local eateries we went to.  Dreamland Bar-B-Que.  Apparently this was the original location as compared to the one farther out on the highway.

My order of ribs and beans at Dreamland.  I like to talk about food and present my findings here.  But I also still try to not say anything if I have nothing good to say.  Let's just keep it simple - I won't be headed back to Dreamland if I go back to Tuscaloosa.

This is a picture of our fried pickles from Bottomfeeders. Decent.

My 2nd trip this year was to the University of Michigan while I was up in freezing country visiting my in-laws. Another great venue to hit.  Let me explain.

The simpleness of the shape of the Big House doesn't make it feel like it holds 110,000+, but then you realize how close you are to your neighbors in the bleachers and it makes more sense.  The stadiums main seating areas are below ground.  So it is hard if not impossible to sight the stadium from afar - this has changed a little in the last 2 years due to the significant renovations to the sky box areas (see pics below).  I would only rate the noise level at this place as fair.  Definitely not overwhelming and arguably poor when you consider the quantity of people in the place.  Then again, they were playing Illinois, it was in the low 30's out, and both teams were bringing 3 losses to the table.  This matchup resulted in a triple overtime game with a final score of 67 - 65 and the total offensive yards were over 1230 combined.  Insane!  I believe this was reported as the highest Michigan scoring game against a BigTen opponent.

Here are my pics from that day.

The back of the south endzone sign looking up from the street.

Entering into the stadium gates - the south west corner.

A Hail to the Victors! Memorial, again south west corner.

Looking ahead from our seats.

Some game time action.

A look at the west side sky box (press section).

Another look at the field.

A pic of the east side sky box.

The visitor section.  If you look carefully you can actually see Illinois fans.

The attendance for the day:  111,441.  This is the largest stadium event I believe that I ever have been to thus far.

One more look at the field.

The final score.  It ended by Illinois failing to make the mandatory 3rd OT 2 point conversion.  Just Crazy.

11 November 2010


I entered a family Chili Cookoff last weekend.  It was a lot of fun - especially since I have never made my own Chili before.  After checking out a few recipes and techniques online, and getting some good tips from my mom, I came up with my very own Chili recipe.

I ended up coming in 2nd (out of 5).  The important part is that I actually like the recipe that I created on the fly. Check out a picture of my 'Gameday Chili'.  Yes, I took the pic and this was my very own concoction.

10 November 2010

Blogs to Follow

If you are a friend, one of my 2 random blog followers that didn't click the button on accident, or for some reason stumbled to my public journal to graze on the burger food porn....please check out some of the blogs that I follow.  I have been recently updating those links and some of these people have a lot of good thoughts to offer - way better than my randomness.

locked up

What are the things that you would want if you were locked up?  I don't plan on being locked up nor can I remember why this came to my mind the other day when I jotted down to make a blog post about it.  And of course these have to be things that you could actually have in jail.

My initial answer:  several journal notebooks for ideas, thoughts, and drawings.  Along with of course some pens.

My mind spins like crazy.  In fact I don't even know how I make it to sleep most nights.  If I was deprived of the ability to jot down ideas, make drawings, and work through thoughts on paper I would go crazy - crazier that is.  Of course a laptop work as well.  But I'm sure that wouldn't be allowed and the old school pen and paper does the trick.