28 February 2009

1 Million Miles

It must take forever to accumulate 1 million airline miles. The raw, real miles that is...not the bonuses or the credit card kind. I'd swear I travel quite a bit for work and 5+ years has only gotten me around 300,000 miles total. I definitely have a way to go. I guess overseas trips are the catch. Either that or, a few flights every week.

I guess I'm stating the obvious here.

17 February 2009

Puerto Rico pics

My girlfriend and I recently went on a 3 day trip to Puerto Rico and I'd recommend visiting the island to nearly anyone. We made the most of our short time there and hit a bunch of hot spots.

Below are some of the pics from our trip. We'd definitely recommend the Lonely Planet Puerto Rico to ensure you visit the right places. Our favorite experience that we didn't bring a camera for was the bio luminescent bay tour via kayaks through the mangroves. The experience will be one that we always remember. Thanks Yokahu Kayak Trips. I feel similarly to the comment made by Leejayme on TripAdvisor...my description wouldn't do it justice.

El Morro in Old San Juan

Jardin Botanico (Botanical Gardens)

The beach at the condo we stayed at

La Mina Falls where Big Tree Trail meets La Mina Trail in the El Yunque Rainforest

Check out these Green kicks...that's a lot of Kool-Aid

For those that don't know what to do with all of the Kool-Aid points you have saved in your kitchen junk drawer...Get the green Kool-Aid sneakers.

Check out this lady's sneakers my girlfriend and I saw at the Miami airport.

11 February 2009

For those that like hotel points and airline miles...

You should check out emiles.com if you like collecting hotel points and airline miles. They have a plethora of short surveys that provide you with small amounts of points after submitting each one.

I have been trying it out and they only mail you about once a week with offers.

09 February 2009


My lack of posts lately has by no means a lack of ideas or thoughts, but merely a lack of time. Back and forth to Louisville every week and weekends full of catching up have filled most of my time. I have a stock pile of pictures to go through and potentially post. South Florida Chili Cook Off, Louisville vs. UCONN basketball game, and a trip to Puerto Rico coming up, the BCS National Championship, and a gambling cruise out of Palm Beach.