30 August 2009

NFL Network is a gift.

I just recently realized that we now have the NFL Network. Although I really think it is some big tease just for pre-season football, it has been nice. All of last year we did not get NFL Network on tv in my area (south Florida) without paying extra. So I never check the channel. Of course, the first several months when it went from free to pay by channel a couple of years back I used to check hoping it would be back all the time, but not recently. So a few weeks back when my brother from New York was visiting I walked into the living room and saw football on and the NFL logo. I was like, "What. What is this?" And of course he said, "It's NFL Network." Duh.

So there you have it. Comcast is giving us NFL Network again in one of the basic or extended cable packages. I just wish someone told me sooner. Let's just see if it lasts past the first week of the season. Thanks either way Comcast. Football everyday on tv is the best.

18 August 2009

Google Voice

Check out this video if you haven't heard of Google Voice yet...what a concept. My friend introduced it to me at a party in New York City 2 weeks ago. My favorite part was the voice mail translation into text. And then there is of course the ability to screen calls with the masked number.

Sprint Early Termination Fee Decision

Have you ever had to pay to get out of your cell phone contract? Check out this article regarding a recent settlement for past Sprint customers and early termination of their contracts. How awesome would it be if we, regular citizens with cell phones, no longer had to have 1 or 2 year commitments with wireless providers.

I understand the concept that customers need to help pay for the wireless provider subsidizing the cost of the device over 2 years, but, if you are unhappy with the service then you should be able to get out. Hopefully this will not lead to any increase in monthly costs.

I'm long overdue for a new device and can't wait to take advantage of the 30 day trial period that most wireless providers offer. My problem is that I can't pick between the Apple iPhone and Blackberry Bold.

Check out these sites to get some of your money back if you have had to pay Sprint over the last 10 years some form of Early Termination Fee.

Sprint ETF Settlement Site

Associated Press

17 August 2009

2 recent burgers...

I have been so busy lately that I have a list of blog posts to write up. So, I figured that I'd start with a couple of recent burgers.

The Trainer at The Sports & Social Club in downtown Louisville, Kentucky
I ate at The Sports & Social Club with my friend and we both ordered The Trainer. The Trainer comes with a fried egg, bacon, mushrooms, cheese, red onion, tomato, and lettuce. The burger i was served was cooked as I ordered it, but I can't say the same for my friend's though. Mine tasted pretty good, not a top ten, but worth ordering again. Besides...it's not all the time that you can get a fried egg on top of your burger. Below is a phone camera pic. Here is yet another reason why I should be getting more serious about purchasing a new smart phone.

Cheeseburger at the Stand in New York City
I did not take any pictures at Stand...why bother? Adam Kuban's picture on their home page is enough. I started with a strawberry shake and was quite pleased. I found the straw interesting. It was huge, wide enough to pull up a good size piece of fruit. The cheeseburger was very good. The overall modern yet retro look make you feel like you are at the right place. A painted cow marks the entrance and the open kitchen in back flanks the other end. The staff seems on top of their game. I would note that the presentation is what stands out. Nothing in particular, just consistancy and care put into every plate. A display of quality from the moment of entry to the first bite.