23 February 2011

Feed me

Exploring Feed Aggregators.

It appears that Feed aggregators fall into three categories:  Desktop, Browser, and Mail client.

Oh yeah, What are Feeds?  Not the type of food one would feed to an animal for nourishment either.  Feeds are a way of subscribing to something such as a website via its URL.  So if you wanted to get updates on a single list from all of your favorite websites, blogs, and news reels you could subsribe to the relevant sites or pull the feed URL and input them into your Feed Aggregator.

Make sense yet?  Maybe not.  Check out the list of Blogs that I follow off to the right margin of this blog site.  Notice how they dynamically change over time and add new items to the top of the list?  This is a Feed Aggregator that Blogger provides as an out of the box widget to add onto this blog.

Using a single Feed Aggregator would allow you to pull all of the recent articles, posts, comments, and so on from all of your favorite sites and put them on a single viewable and clickable page.  This creates an efficient alternative without having to surf to all of your favorite sites everyday.

A couple of the Feed Aggregators to check out are:  FeedDemon & RSS Owl  and then of course your browser most likely has this type of functionality as well.

12 February 2011


Unicycles are not easy to ride.  A healthy combination of balance, bravery, practice, and continued effort is necessary when learning to ride a unicycle.  Be prepared to get hurt along the way.  It's obviously not impossible but it isn't even close to riding a bike.

02 February 2011

Top 25 burgers

My friends, family, and co-workers have recently been sending me more 'intel' since I have become more vocal about my addiction to cheeseburgers.  What I am about to share is late news if you are a cheesebuger fanatic.  Or you can consider it just good food porn re-runs. 

The 25 Best Burgers in the U.S. courtesy of delish which is actually a repost of the more infamous Best Burgers in the U.S. courtesy of Food & Wine.  I received this first from a co-worker who also prefers a reserved seat when traveling via airplane and then a week later from a work mate from my last stop away from home on my consulting journey in Louisville.  And then I saw it again in a different format via A Hamburger Today earlier this week.

I'm happy to say that I have eaten at 5 of these top 25 venues; which are in 4 different states.  The list strays a bit from the classic definition of a cheeseburger, but oh well, that's what makes the food world so much more fun.

And BTW...Le Tub is still the king of the hill on my list.

Scheduling Horse Racing

The Live Horse Racing schedule is back in full swing at Gulfstream Park.  The track has been open for a few weeks and one can only find limited information about the Florida Derby.  It's such a surprise that most locals don't even know what the Florida Derby is and that some of the top finishers in that $1 Million dollar race will later compete in the heralded Kentucky Derby a few weeks later.

The race this year has been moved from a Saturday to a Sunday.  Most likely to stop competing against the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament games.  Incidentally the race falls this year on the same weekend as the Final Four.  No wonder why it was pinched in between the last 3 games.

The actual Derby race is normally the 10th of 12 races around 6 in the afternoon - see you there.

Please note I have no facts about the day switch, just pure speculation about a gambling facility trying not to compete with another large gambling event.

01 February 2011

using your math degree without doing the math

Are you trying to figure out how to apply your skills as a Mathematician?  Do you have a math degree and are not sure what to do next?  Not sure if you want to keep doing proofs the rest of your life, become an actuary, or a math teacher?

Then what are you good at? 

If you have made it to at least the 3rd or 4th year of an undergraduate Mathematics program one of your top 3 answers is surely:  Solving Problems.  Right?

Well, where in the real world can you solve problems as a career?  The answer is everywhere.  Of course there are the 9 to 5ers and operational staff whose jobs are to push the pencil and do routine work.  But seriously, the world goes round and round because we are continually solving new and more complex problems.

If you are some form of capitalist and have at least an inkling of figuring out how to make money doing this then you may be wondering where do the premium problem solvers work?  There are of course the James Bond type positions one would see in a Hollywood movie - who knows how to land those jobs, probably networking at its best.  And then there are the droves of consultants.  You'll have to pick the angle you'd prefer:  working with organizations to only set strategies, working with groups to execute a plan and show tangible results, coming in after the last consultant left to fix things, or the premiere firms that do all of the above.

Just figure out how to employ your skills with solving problems...at least explore Consulting.  Good Luck!