08 May 2009

My Cheeseburger at Vic and Angelos in Delray Beach

Hello burger lovers,

I ate last night with friends and family at Vic and Angelos on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, FL for Jazz on the Ave. Dinner overall was pretty tasty. I ordered a their cheeseburger...big surprise right.

The menu boasted of organic well fed beef for this select double cheeseburger. The presentation was solid. I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures, but I didn't expect an Italian restaurant to have a good burger on the menu and therefore was not prepared. It was served with a plastic spike through the meat sandwich and at the top of this spike was a
Cornichon (baby pickle), which I added to the burger's condiments underneath the roof of the bun. It came with some well seasoned fries with a lot of skin still on them and some grated cheese sprinkled atop for extra flavor. The fries were surrounded with 3 mini stainless steel cups of ketchup, mustard, and relish for those with varying taste buds. I sliced my burger in half and ate it as it came. This cheeseburger was comprised of two thin perfectly medium-rare cooked patties adding up to a healthy portion, with tomato, onion, a bunch of lettuce (I think it was iceberg), and then the lightly toasted bun had their own sauce which resembled thousand island. Overall, the burger had a good taste, but my bottom bun seemed to serve as a sponge for all of the grease and juices and more or less disappear. It was a quality burger, but not one of my top 5 (or 10) ever. I was wondering about the burger's cheese the whole time though. The menu stated Gyuere cheese, but my taste buds were either overwhelmed with other toppings or it was substituted for cheddar or American. It was melted perfectly like a hamburger wrapper so it was hard to tell.

Go try it for yourself.

07 May 2009

College Football starts in...

Only 121 days left until Gator Football starts for 2009. There are 10 games the preceding Thursday and Friday.

You can find schedules here:
Gator Football
All NCAA Football

Start counting ladies and Gentlemen, start counting. It's just too bad congress can't change the BCS before we kick off.

05 May 2009

Chorizo in a burger...outstanding.

I added a new favorite local spot to my list of heartattck meals thanks to a post from Robyn Lee about the Food Network's 50 best burgers. I'm not exactly sure if the nutritional comment is factually founded, but I do know that fried potatoes and beef are not in the same food group as oranges.

Anyways, check out
El Rey de las Fritas...order the original and ask for cheese. I followed up mine with flan. What other burger hot spots can you do that?