10 November 2009

Random Burger Pics

I recently went through my burger pictures and realized that I had previously not posted a handful of meals. Below are some leftovers that I may have referred to but never posted previously. Enjoy!

First up, Mr. Joe's in Southfield, Michigan. I recall the great sweet potato fries. The burger was okay and came at a very cheap price.

The popcorn they served at Mr. Joe's when you sit down is a nice treat as well.

Miller's Bar in Dearborn, Michigan remains one of my favorites. The things that I remember distinctly are the honor code when paying for your meal. You just walk up to the bar and tell them what you had and they ring it up on an old cash register.

Each burger at Miller's comes to the table in a paper wrapper without a plate. There are stacks of patties ready to go by the bar. And are cooked tens at a time on a flat top. A soft squishy bun and a perfect burger. The exterior of the joint is very plain but well worth the visit.

Christy's in Starkville, Mississippi was supposed to be one of the best burger stops around. I found it mediocre but worth the stop in the small town. You can see here in this out of focus picture that they sure do serve up a classic presentation.

And then there is Jack Fry's. A classic establishment in Louisville, Kentucky. They serve a good burger topped with caramelized onions and mushrooms tucked below the cheese. This is a great place but potentially better visited for steak or a glass of wine.

El Rey de Las Fritas in Little Havana, Miami. I probably will not find another burger like this anywhere else. But I will be back to 8th Street to eat one again. The patty integrates beef with chorizo and is topped with a plethora of shoestring fries sandwiched between Cuban bread. I found this place through A Hamburger Today with an article referencing Food Network's 50 best burgers. Don't forget to try the Materva. This Yerba Mate drink is tasty.

Corner Bistro. A long term burger destination with recognized aficionados. My experience there was not so good, but I'm hoping it was an off day. Here is a shot from the outside when I was in New York and had 2 and half burgers for lunch at Shake Shack, brgr, and then Corner Bistro.

My last pic is from Kingdom. I remember my Kingdom burger to be very good. It came out in a red basket and was prepared pretty much how I would write up my favorite burgers. Condiments, temperature, and bun.

03 November 2009

Burger Honorable Mentions

I took a few minutes today to review the plethora of burger pics I have stockpiled away and again realized I don't yet have a way to categorize burgers not made from ground beef originating from bulls or cows. I still do not intend to add them to my 'rated' list as they are not true hamburgers, but they should not be forgotten.

Bison from Proof

The first worth mentioning is the Bison Burger from Proof on Main in Louisville, Kentucky. This burger is prepared about as close to perfect as could be and if it were chuck or sirloin I'd have to slide someone down from my current top ten. Not sure how high up I'd go, but it would happen.
They serve their bison burger with a slice of Tillamook Cheddar atop sandwiched between a toasted bun illustrating the perfect burger to bun ratio. It is presented sliced in half with a heap of shoestring french fries overflowing from the center of the plate on to the crest of the grill marks on the bun.

I order medium-rare as it is perfectly cooked every time. Pink and jelly-raw in the center and seared on the top and bottom. They provide a fancy orange sauce as a condiment. I have never been sure if I am supposed to spoil the burger with it or use it for the fries. Since I despise ketchup, I dip my potatoes right in 3 or 4 at a time. I forgot to mention the bacon - a smoked hickory flavored bacon that is very crispy if not just overdone - on purpose.

I highly recommend this burger and the restaurant. The hotel that sports this hot night spot of a restaurant/bar looks like a great time as well. It is called 21C. They have a mini art museum in the lobby that always has different exihibits every time I dine there. If you are a man, you must use the men's restroom off of the lobby. You'll know why after you go #1.

Someday I'll get my own pic of their burger. I always just dive in and forget.

Lamb @ Green Street

Another good burger that I had within the last few months was at Green Street in Coconut Grove, FL. I don't remember all the particulars about it except for it being a great lamb Burger and that it made me motivated to try mixing ground lamb into my home creations more often. I do have a pic that I took with my aging smartphone. Enjoy.