31 March 2009

I feel like I'm back in school again.

It's been quite a while since I have studied for a test. 9 years to be exact for a test of this magnitude. I'm on track to take my PMP exam in June. I finally got off of my butt motivated by the fact that the version is changing at the end of June. The deeper I get into the material the better it has gotten. I'm trying to be optimistic in case I am not ready in time or fail the test...at least I've expanded my skill set with additional knowledge.

For anyone out there that has successfully completed the PMP exam I'm open to any tips that you may have.

When do I book my ticket?

Well...right or wrong, I'll book my ticket to Cuba soon after the travel restrictions are lifted.

Click HERE to read a starter article on what is going on south of the border.

16 March 2009

No to the new Marlins stadium

I get so fired up every time I see a headline regarding the new Marlins stadium proposal. The people that argue that it will bring lots of jobs to the locals are just crazy. And what proof is there that a new stadium will bring more fans? That school of thought is acceptable in communities that support their teams: Philadelphia, Detroit, or San Diego as examples. The best part of this situation was that the Orange Bowl got ripped down in preparation.

I am watching the World Baseball Classic tonight with Venezuela vs. Puerto Rico at Dolphins Stadium. This is the same stadium the Marlins play in and there are so many more fans it doesn't even compare to a Marlins game. It's great to see and evidence that if the community actually cared they would go to games.

The Marlins need to change their business strategies, marketing, and whatever else needs to be done...Not get a new stadium. Maybe if they could fill their current one with fans I'd support their endeavors. The taxpayers should definitely not be paying for this new facility. And they should stop wasting everyone's time with arguing about it.

This picture is from the Project Ballpark website.

10 March 2009

Pet Peeves from here to there

I guess I'm a bit OCD. No, actually I definitely have OCD tendencies.

The spike in spring break travelers lately has really let me focus on some things that irk me. I thought I'd share my top 10 pet peeves when traveling in the air. I know some are a bit overboard, but, I’m sure that there are others out there that would agree.

10. Those that don't understand the TSA security screening process. Jacket, belt, watch, and change all need to go through the x-ray. What is so complicated? If you're not sure, take it off.

9. Seat up means seat up. You know who you are...or even worse, you don't.

8. 1 roll aboard and 1 personal item equals 2 bags. Why are you so special you have 4 or 5?

7. This is the one I piss people off with... Paying for bags. Hello, open your eyes, listen to the news, read the papers, airline companies just don’t profit across the board. They have to be creative too. Stop complaining. Most likely you selected your airfare based mainly off of price. Factor in the extra costs to your selection process. Inflation, gas, and the economy is what it is. Stop complaining, fly Southwest with the rest of the unassigned seat herd, or fit everything into your carry-on.

6. When you see someone running through the terminal, get the hell out of the way. Do you think they are doing it for their own exercise?

5. If everyone is staring at your bag wondering how you got it past security, who do you think you are fooling? Doesn't gate checking it every time make you feel like an ass? Do you really think rules don’t apply to you? Or do you think there will be a plane that eventually fits your over sized fold over monstrosity?

4. Having a private cell phone conversation with 150 adjacent passengers. Are you really that oblivious to the human sardines next to you? If you are really that important how come we don’t know you already?

3. Passengers trying to jam super large travel bags in the overhead when they obviously won’t fit. And worse, the idiots who leave their bag so the door won't close. Pay attention.

2. People that don't know how to operate the kiosk check-ins. What's wrong...you can't read? You are the reason that lines are so long!

1. Jumping up like a Jack-in-the-box when the plane parks at the Jetway. Where are you going anyway?

I'm sure that more will come to mind. These were the first 10 I thought of.