28 February 2010

Some recent visits...

Steve's Pizza
12101 Biscayne Blvd.
North Miami, FL

Burger and Beer Joint
1766 Bay Road
Miami Beach, FL

I posted this a few days back. I don't want to be misleading... I actually didn't even eat at either of these places but wanted to call them out because I stopped in and will be back to both.

B&B was really cool and I went there late night to enjoy some beer. Can't wait to go back.

I stopped by Steve's to pick up some pizza dough to make some pies at home. The dough worked great and their pizza looked even better.

16 February 2010

A perfect dinner at Ola

We had our Valentine's Day dinner at our favorite restaurant in south Florida, Ola in Miami Beach.
Let me tell you, not only is the food awesome, the service is great too. I only wish they would give you more of those great rolls.

We had the lobster ceviche and the Chicharron (spicy fried rock shrimp) along with steak and pork entrees. Everything tasted great, I would eat the Chicharron three times a day.

You have to try it out.

The best news is that Chef Douglas Rodriguez is opening up another restaurant right next door to us at The Village at Gulfstream Park.

12 February 2010

Bourbon Steak

As promised, I am bringing you details on the burger I had at Bourbon Steak in Aventura along with pics.

I ordered the regular all-beef burger from Michael Mina and it was awesome. If you haven't read it somewhere else, you need to know that burgers at Bourbon Steak are only served at the bar and in the lounge. This is a real fancy pants place so apparently burgers are not good enough for the dining area. This is not just another burger basket joint. The only other time I have been to a place with burgers at the bar only was Stage Left. The Bourbon Steak restaurant is located off the hotel lobby at the Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort & Club.

When dining here you must order the fries with your burger, at least for the presentation. They come served on a wooden tray similar to a beer sampler tray except 2 x 3 instead of 5 or 6 long. The fries are in 3 groups in the back - each with a different flavoring starting with a fresh herb mix and ending with a cajun like rub salt. Each stack of duck oil fried classic fries is positioned behind a stainless steel cup of secret sauces - each one tasted great. Like I said, get the fries.

The bar burger menu is formal, a large sheet of paper with other apps, and comes complete with a click board, pencil, and check boxes to select what burger you are going with as well a section to pick what toppings you need. There are a 5 options for burgers: the classic, a turkey burger, a lamburger, a salmon burger, and a veggie burger. I opted for the all-beef classic and my fiance got the lamburger. Perfect for me to be able to taste both.

The wait wasn't that long and we wouldn't have minded waiting longer. Our server kept us topped off with beer while we waited. Burgers here come out speared with a large bamboo stick holding down a long wedge of pickle and a banana pepper. The buns are classic soft sesame seed. And then...

The all beef patty seemed perfectly ground; airy but a heavy man burger at the same time. It reminded me of Miller's except a tad larger and more formal. My choice came topped with cheddar cheese and a pinch of caramelized onions. Not the dose of caramelized onions that make some burgers slippery, but rather just enough for taste tucked below the center of the top bun. My burger came out a perfect medium-rare as requested - sweet.

If there were anything less than great worth reporting it would be that the bottom bun was saturated with all of the burger goodness dripping from my medium rare patty. It was almost soaked but nothing worth complaining about since it stayed in tact in my hands and the burger was cooked perfectly.

Bottom line is that this was one great burger and it won't be my last trip to Bourbon Steak. I'm salivating just writing about it.

Oh... The lamburger. My fiance ruined it by asking for it overcooked. The lamb was great meat with a good taste. I was so stuffed when I got to hers that I can't give the best report.

03 February 2010

Add one to the list.

I found a new top ten cheeseburger - and it's in my backyard. More information to come on Bourbon Steak by Michael Mina.