24 September 2011

Burger Memories

Up until tonight I was tracking all of my burger stops on the right margin of my blog home page.  I'm removing all of them and only plan to retain my 'top' cheeseburgers.  The ones that never had their own blog posts and pictures somewhere else on my blog are listed here.

The Clubhouse Too

My third stop for the best cheeseburger in the Lansdale, PA area was at The Clubhouse Too and has left me thinking:  "Is there a great cheeseburger in this area?" Almost the same as my last two local experiences - mediocre.

This picture was taken after I cut my burger in half.  It is actually served with the burger cap off to the side and whole.

Ray's Malt Shop

Ray's Malt Shop was my second stop on the hunt for the best cheeseburger while I am working in the Lansdale, PA area.  It had all the right signs.
  • A "Malt Shop" sign
  • A diner appearance
  • Old school mini juke box music machines at each table
Unfortunately, it didn't pan out.  The strawberry milkshake was pretty good, but the burger wasn't really that special.  Similar to my last stop in town - nothing wrong, just not really worth going back.

One thing that was stellar was the cheese sauce I asked for for my fries.  They don't kid around in the greater Philly area with cheese whiz cheese sauce.

Marquis Cornwallis

After a long day of sightseeing with my wife and good friend we walked to Marquis Cornwallis while staying at the St. Pancras Renaissance to get something to eat.  We came here a couple of days earlier on a similar hunt to fill our stomachs but since the kitchen was already closed we only enjoyed the beer.  This time the kitchen was open and I ordered a burger.  I was definitely disappointed to learn that all burgers are cooked well done.  Too bad I didn't know this before ordering.  My friend told me that apparently all beef gets cooked well done to avoid mad cow disease.  The lesson learned:  don't order beef in London.

Not bad food.  But not my style burger.

The Sumney

My first of my three stops so far in the Lansdale, PA area for a great cheeseburger was at The Sumney on Sumneytown Pike.  The hunt must continue.  This burger at The Sumney was not bad, but nothing to get the burger fanatics to come out to Lansdale for.  As shown, it came with the standard components.